Join the Ultimate BeHealthy Program Today!

There are 7 modules in the program to teach you all the basics about a healthy lifestyle.  They are:

  1. Goal Setting & Mindfulness
  2. Water & Protein
  3. Exercise
  4. Good & Bad Fats
  5. Carbohydrates & Sweeteners
  6. Gut Microbiome & Pesticides and Preservatives
  7. Sleep

As I said in the video, we will take 3 weeks to go through each topic. This gives you time to learn what you need to learn, ask any questions you have, and really put an effort into changing that habit in your life. I will be there the whole time to help and encourage you!

The cost for the whole 21 week program is only $297 AUD.

The next course starts 23 May 2022 so don’t wait to sign up!


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